Premier League Predictions 2019/20: What to Expect

Manchester United

Once more, the Premier League is upon us and we need to assess who comes out on top, as well as the runner ups and relegations. Given the past experiences with the League, there is no reason to think that this season is going to be anything short of spectacular. The players are at the ready and so are the fans, tuning in to their TV sets, and watching live streams online. So, what can we expect?

The Favourites

It is very difficult to come up with predictions without ticking off scores of loyal fans, but here it goes. Manchester is the clear favourite, but it’s not the Manchester you might have expected. Man City has the best team right now. With the transfers being over, they are very lucky to have acquired Rodri and Joao Cancelo to play for them. Furthermore, they reinstated Kevin de Bruyne, who recently recovered from an injury. They are managed by Pep Guardiola, who knows how to get the best out of the team.

The biggest obstacle City has to overcome is Liverpool, as most of the fans and experts believe that they will finish at least in the top two. The biggest asset Liverpool has at its disposal is Jurgen Klopp, followed closely by the superstars of the previous matches and leagues: Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane. If anyone can beat Man City, it is this team.

Tottenham is a really strong contender for the title, as experts agree that it is very unlikely that they will finish the season any lower than the fourth place. The only thing the Spurs have to be worried about is not having Christian Eriksen at their disposal and they need to plan for such an occurrence. The issue is the end of his contract with the Spurs and whether another team would try and snatch him away.

Arsenal did not have much success in the previous season, but they are coming in hot this season. That being said, their mix is not what you may associate with the word optimal at this time. The biggest question is whether the Brazilian player David Luiz will be an asset or a hindrance the team has to overcome. It will be tricky, but they could still end up in the top four.

Other teams that are expected to perform fairly well in the upcoming season are Chelsea, in spite of their transfer embargo, and Manchester United, though they have not been a serious threat to the top teams in quite some time.

The Underdogs

Sheffield United are good, but the question is: are they good enough? They did acquire Ravel Morrison who has amassed quite an experience playing for several different teams, but even with the transfer, it is very unlikely that the team will end the season in the top 15.

Newcastle United is, unfortunately, expected to land on the 18th spot on the chart. We will not list all the things that are more likely to happen instead of them winning the league. One of the things that will hinder their performance in the season is losing Rafael Benítez. However, there may be a few surprises the underdogs will grace us with this season.

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