All-English UEFA Finals Revive England’s Football Glory

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It has been a marvellous season for English football. Although a loss against Croatia in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup last summer was disappointing, English fans were still pretty happy that their nation reached the top four and found themselves as being contenders on the world stage again.

However, no one could have expected that English club football will be the hottest topic of the 2018/19 season. Europa League and Champions League finals are on their way and all four teams that will participate come from the land where football was invented. We are in for all-English UEFA finals!

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So, what does this mean for English football and what can we expect from the last two games of the season?

All-English UEFA Finals – History In the Making

This year’s UEFA finals are special not only because there are four English teams competing in them for the first time, but also because no other country has had four finalists in the same season. Germany, Italy, and Spain has had three participants each, but never all four of them.

It’s also interesting that neither of the four English teams competing (Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea) is going to be crowned champions in their own domestic competitions. Instead, this year’s Premier League title went to Manchester City who dropped out in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. City also won the EFL Cup, FA Community Shield, and are likely to win in the final of the FA Cup against Watford.

Europa League — Chelsea vs Arsenal

Chelsea and Arsenal will face each other in the Europa League final on May 29. Chelsea has won the title in 2013, while Arsenal played in the UEFA Cup final only once in 2000. Apart from Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Ipswich, and Manchester United have won it before, while both Middlesbrough and Fulham were runner-ups once.

No matter who wins, England will get their ninth trophy in this competition, which will tie them with Italy for second place. Only Spain has more Europa League trophies — 11 of them.

Champions League — Liverpool vs Tottenham

Of course, the Champions League final receives more attention as it’s considered the best international club competition in the world. Liverpool and Tottenham will play for the trophy on June 1, as they both won in the semifinals in an unlikely manner. Liverpool is considered a favourite of this competition, not only because of their squad but also due to their experience, as they already played in the final last year with pretty much the same players.

England is up for their 13th Champions League trophy, which would put them in second place over Italy and behind Spain that has 18 of them. If Tottenham wins, they will become the sixth team to win Champion League after Liverpool, Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea, and Aston Villa. No country has ever had more than three different winners.

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