Thomas Agyepong Tells How Cold Weather May Not be so Great for Sports

News / Monday, March 19th, 2018

Even if you are used to the cold, if you don’t like it, chances are that you will still not accept it. But for Thomas, he has a good reason and has some good examples of why cold weather is actually not that great for playing sports.

Thomas was injured in the past and had to stop playing his games for about five weeks, but even after he came back, the cold has definitely left an impact on his performance.

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Muscles are left vulnerable

Thomas explained that since his injury, it’s more noticeable how the muscles can be so fragile. He says, “This weather is not for me. Due to the low temperatures, the muscles are hard and less supple, making these muscles even more vulnerable.”

There is definitely some truth to that for sure. The cold makes things much more difficult to do, it kind of freezes everything really.

Coming from a Warm Country

However, when you are not used to the cold, it is even more frustrating. That is what Thomas is dealing with right now. Not only has he had an injury, but the cold that he is not capable of dealing with properly, makes it even worse.

It’s something for everyone who plays in sports to be aware of. Some of your teammates might think this is a very unreal situation and might not handle it as good as you.

It also makes you think that you’re not as strong as you could be, for the cold can slow things down and make you more susceptible to the unwanted events. It’s a good idea to be aware and be alert and stay safe during those times.

“I had never seen snow before. My hands were frozen after training and I could hardly move my feet,” is another thing he said about one of his past experiences.

This was over in Scotland however, not the Netherlands where he is currently. He tells how his warm country, Ghana, was nothing like what he put himself into and he didn’t know what was happening.

Speaking of snow falling and the cold biting the skin and having to perform during those conditions while he was only fourteen years old must have been a real shocker for him. However, it’s good to get strong and experience new things so that you know what to be careful of in the future.

You never know when your skills your skills can come in handy in the future.